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What wasn’t announced at Photokina

Prime Time Crew couldn’t make it to Photokina this year because frankly we don’t give a shit and the more we shoot the more we learn that all the good shit was made thirty years ago. However, PTC does keep it’s ear to the ground and our voice in the community. While there was some notable announcements, like the Fuji X100, a couple Panasonic primes, and a few Nikon primes, PTC isn’t satisfied and neither are you. Here is what should have been announced at Photokina:

A replacement for the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM, also know as the Canon 50mm f/8 because it’s Teletubby soft wide open and doesn’t get sharp until f/8. A 50mm should be a bench mark for a company, especially one like Canon with such history. They need to totally redesign design this lens from optics to build. It needs to be usable wide open, magnesium alloy, and weather sealed. People will pay a premium for this Canon, they do for all their other gear.

We would like to see a Canon PowerShot G12 with a APS-C sized imaging sensor. Partly because of image quality but also because we know and you know that it would be impossible to fit a ugly five times zoom on that camera with that big of a imaging sensor and it would require a prime lens. And that would require you to get of your ass and move around.

This may seem like a abstract idea to some but Nikon needs to make digital rangefinders again. Fifty year old Nikon rangefinders are selling for thousands of dollars. There is obviously a market with deep pockets and I can imaging that if Nikon gave up chasing Canon’s G series cameras with disasters like the P7000 and put those engineers on a digital rangefinder they would come up with something magical. Of course then Canon would and should do the same and prices would drop and we could all rediscover the fun, performance, and beauty of rangefinder.

While we are on the topic of digital rangefinders why is Epson the only company to offer one besides Leica. The fact that it’s Epson, a printing company, and not a camera company isn’t even the worst part because it is a camera company. The RD1 series is a Epson branded Cosina Voigtlander digital rangefinder and I don’t see why Cosina needs the help. I hope they declare their independence with their own digital rangefinder soon.

PTC isn’t all about luxury, we enjoy value products that leave a little extra money for the Noctilux jar too. With the epic success of Nikon’s AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8G they could ride that wave of profits with a couple more lenses. For example, a AF-S DX 14mm f/4 (21mm equivalency), AF-S DX 18mm f/2 (28mm equivalency), and a AF-S DX 90mm f/2 (135mm equivalency). Think about it and let that soak in for a second because you could afford all of those including the 35mm 1.8 for less than a Nikkor AF-S 17-55mm f/2.8G IF ED or a AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 ED.

Everyone wants to know when the replacement for the Nikon D700 is coming but I had something more interesting in mind that I was hoping to hear announced a Photokina this year. What could possibly be more interesting than the D700 replacement, well get comfortable on the can because you’re going to shit yourself when I tell you that I want a full frame digital Pentax SLR. Yes, a full frame digital Pentax is more interesting than a D700 replacement because Pentax digital SLRs have excellent image quality, incredible weather sealing, and they offer a arsenal of awesome primes.

I’ve saved my best wish for last and this one is likely to remain a wish because it’s so magical, so fantastical, and so mysterious it’s like the unicorn of lenses. A Nikkor AF-S 28mm f/1.4 ED to replace the discontinued and now legendary Nikkor AF-D 28 f/1.4. This one will be waiting for us at the end of a rainbow and so is the four grand it takes to buy a used one on eBay right now.

That’s what Prime Time Crew wants and demands be announced in the near future. Please tell us your opinion on our picks and submit your own so PTC can continue the revolution.



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