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mr.huggies could have shot this with the latest greatest dslr, with the most expensive zoom lens money can buy, but that would be the wrong tool for the job. Instead he shot this with a Fuji Intsax 210 which matches the playful quality of the image. If you want to learn how to use cameras as tools and not be one go check out more of his work here.

Like the Kiev, Fed and Lomo lca this weeks image comes from a Russian made shooter.  Instead of me telling you about the image I’m gonna Let Kolya speak for himself.

“So… My name is Kolya Tsarev and I’m from Saint-Petersburg, Russia 🙂 I’m working like freelance photographer.
I made this shot in december in New York using my Bronica SQ-Ai, 40mm f4 zenzanon lens and kodak portra 400nc film.
This guy selling some hand made art stuff on the cross of Broadway and Prince st. That was my first time in NY city, unfortunately I had only two free days and i spent them walking in Manhattan and shooting some interesting things. That was awesome expirience for me and I really wanna come back soon”


Mark Daniel is a engineer by trade but he’s killing all the wannabe pro’s and their zoom lens with his exceptional eye and Mamiya 7II. Go check out his site and his flickr stream, unless you zoomies are scared.

Primes are great because of their simplicity and so is this image from our flickr friend universal76. Don’t complicate things and just go check out his stream.

Johan Rheborg is photographing the real meat of the issue and this is just one of many popular photos on his stream with substance. Stop the famine and feast on Johan’s images.

Though we don’t usually choose our own images here on Prime Time Crew, Biggie is living up to the name and cannot be ignored. Trees are a common theme in his work and it will make you wonder why they’re not in yours. Check out the forest and much more on his stream.

Everybody knows ONEant is a mutha fuckin monsta (Listen to the new Kanye record). Really he is, he’s shooting street photography with a Nikon D90 and Zeiss manual focus primes. Check out his Flickr steam or get attacked by the monster in your closet.

I dont know if Surrealiste is controlling his camera or the weather but he’s mos def controlling my attention. Check his stream out you internet ADHD community.


Photomat knows where it’s at.  He’s an Englishmen living in the seedy city of Vegas capturing all it’s wonder and mystique.  Visit Photomats blog here and see what discipline,  hard work and a good twin lens can do for you.




Chasing the Pied Piper has got me chasing more of Helen Hill’s work because she is hitting the street with four lenses and they are all fifties! You may be confused right know, wondering why would you own just four fifty millimeter lens and not four hideous zoom? Helen is showing you that even though they may all be the same focal lengths they have different qualities. This image is a great example because of it’s swirly bokeh. See more here.

This weeks shooter really has his stuff together and it shows in his work.  Dan Wood believes in a simple approach and captures some truly fantastic images.  Here’s Dan in his own words. 

“hello my name is Dan and i’m from Wales ,started taking photography seriously in 1996 and defined my style and direction by 2001. i love travelling ,music, skateboarding , reading and most of all photography , i consider myself a street -photographer although i will take photos of almost anything .
as you can probably see from my pictures i am a traditionalist and i print all my own work using the darkroom that i have at home , i enjoy this hands on approach very much .i guess i’m afraid to embrace modern technology ,hehe, my loyalty to film is very strong 🙂
as for cameras i use 2 Leica M6’s w/35mm f1.4 and a 50mm f1.4, they are such a pleasure to use and with their limited capabilities there are less decisions to make 🙂
if you have’nt guessed by now my hero is Henri cartier-bresson , that guy was a true photographic genius who inspires me greatly.”

Visit Dan’s website here or his flickr stream here

We obviously love sharp lenses but they have a manual focus for a reason and Matthew Brown is showing us why. A sharp images isn’t always the best image and that’s why this is our featured images of the week. See what else Matthew is doing on his flickr stream and his website.

PTC is no stranger to strange places and neither is Jeff McMullin. Jeff is going loco in America’s coolest abandon psych wards, hospitals, and schools. Go mental on his website and his flickr stream.

He’s a father, designer and photographer.  Code name ratherfancy has got a clear artistic vision.  We like his clean, uncluttered style and nostalgic images.  He’s currently residing in L.A. and you can visit his website here.  Don’t forget to check out the fox image, it’s wild.


Halloween is coming up but my man Kuro Neko isn’t spooked, he’s not afraid of shit. He’s not afraid of movement, grain, analogue, and most of all he isn’t afraid of shooting primes. See what else Kuro isn’t afraid of here.

Rainer Schlepphorst is doing it big in a little way. He exercises a great understanding of composition and scale in this shot by framing a large mansion behind a small car which makes the car all that much smaller. Bigger isn’t always better zoomies. Learn a thing or two on Rainer’s photo stream here.

Lanny is either arresting zoom users or taking the shackles off their feet so they can move around their subject instead of just zooming in and out from their couch. Either way I’m digging it and you should too on his photo stream here.

Cadillacs and Kodachrome go together like leather jackets and slicked back hair. Jonathan Barrett Adams is as kool as this car and as hardcore of a prime user I have seen yet. Check out his strict rules, sick gear, and awesome photos here.

This weeks flickr image was created byStephen Monteau.  In his own words he’s a “photographer and fancy-camera maker, i can’t help modifying & twisting all the stuff dropping into my hands…” Also he fucks on the first date.  Follow his photostream here or visit his website here.

What’s better than a prime lens?  A prime lens on a rip cord that spins 360 degrees.  This weeks image comes from supermarket song.  Check out his Flickr photostream for a wealth of Hasselblad, Holga, Spinner 360 and the occasional pig mask.  You haven’t heard music till you’ve heard the supermarket song!





Button up your pants and suck in your gut fellas because we got a lady in the house. Meredith doesn’t have a whole lot on her flickr stream but what she has is primo and we need more female photographers like her. Check her out here, I promise you she doesn’t have cooties or a zoom lens.

This weeks big winner comes from le gros Bob.  His curbside portrait is anything but gross.  Bob is known to pack serious heat like the Mamiya 6&7 so ya better stay on his good side.  Seriously though,  this is one talented artist and his work warrants some attention.  Check it out here.




PTC is a big fan of street photography and therefor we are a big fan of Gerald L. Campbell. He shoots his subject with respect, face to face with a Mamiya 6 and 75mm lens, not execution style with a 7D and a 100-400L to the back of the head. Follow his work here.



Photo credit Dr. Dragon.  Follow his work here.  This image was captured with a Leica M8 and a Voigtlander Color Skopar 35mm f/2.5








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