Impossible Project: PX-70 Color Shade

First and foremost we credit the people at Impossible project for having the nuts to save a classic film format.  Secondly the SX70 One Step Sonar camera is arguably one of the coolest cameras ever.  I mean a folding SLR, that’s fuckin cool.  We received our film on Friday and got right to work.  As always the packaging is super cool and the darkslide is imprinted with a message that may change your life.  Time Zero film contains a battery and Impossible Project has taken a green stance and kept it mercury free.  We fired up our camera and hit the town.  So to speak.

We headed for a nearby abandoned farm and the weather took a turn for the worse.  It started to rain and the temperature dropped about ten degrees.  Without concern for our personal health or equipment we began blasting off frames.  The camera held up great and still operates after being completely soaked.  When the film is ejected from the camera the emulsion is bright blue and really cool to look at.  Hold up though.  Don’t look at it too long.  Any Impossible fanatic will tell you don’t let the light hit it or it won’t develop properly.  After rattling through some shots and dumping them into my camera bag to develop we were psyched to see the results.

After much anticipation we retreated to my car to see how the shots came out.  All I can say is WOW!  There are many words to describe what my eyes were beholding.  Magical, precious, unique, priceless and mainly SHITTY. People out there are thinking it so I’ll just say it.  I felt like I was using high-end Sony zooms.  These shots were soft.  I’m down with “non photography” and all but these prints were bad.  The colors are strange, they lack detail and there’s zero dynamic range.  Why does this film cost two bucks a shot?  Because the folks at Impossible Project are geniuses.  They were the only people gutsy enough to save this dying format that so many love.  They’ve got the equipment but not the formulas so they’re beta testing the film on us.  And were paying good money for it.  Enough talk lets take a look.

As you can see, even from an artistic standpoint, these are some pretty bad images.  Impressionistic at best.  We’ve got mixed feelings about this new film from Impossible.  On one hand its great fun to shoot some of the Polaroid cameras, the fit and finish of the packaging is superb, the anticipation is a huge part of the fun and sometimes the results are desirable.  On the other hand images captured look mostly bad, managing instant prints in the field can be cumbersome and it’s incredibly expensive.  The funny part is, even after the negativity, is that we would buy it again and again.  Why?  Because we have no choice.  No one else makes film compatible for Polaroid cameras.  If you don’t want your land cameras sitting on a shelf rotting away we recommend you buy some too.  Visit Impossible Project to experience the emotional roller coaster for yourself.

Biggy aka Big Juicy Kris

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