Review: LEICA SUMMARIT-S 35mm f/2.5 ASPH. for S-System

Let me preface by saying this is a very sharp lens. Easily one of the best lenses we have ever tested. PTC uses only the most sophisticated DXO software and testing procedures so rest assured our results are bullet proof. We also shot this lens head to head with a legendary zoom lens (no such thing) and the Leica shit down it’s throat. Now we’ll let our test images do the talking.


Nikon Af-s 14-24mm f/2.8

You can see by our test shots that the Nikon lens is distinctly soft by comparison. We’re not faulting Nikon here just zoom lenses in general. We also understand that the Leica is much more expensive but there’s really no excuse for the half ass performance of the Nikon lens. If you would like to see our DXO charts and graphs you can’t. You don’t need to look at that shit to know a prime is better than a zoom and if you do……………you should get one of these

  1. David Watts
    November 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I have been using this lens on my M8 since early 2009 and have nothing but praise for it. Very sharp, good bokeh, light and small what else do you want ?
    David Watts,

  2. December 28, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    This lens is a huge kick in the pants, ultra fast exotic glass, for beer and hotdog prices.

    This is the FASTEST non-Leica lens currently in production for the M mount system, and it sells for about 10% of the Worlds fastest Lens, this may be all you need to know to make your purchase decision.

    This lens WILL make you want to go bang your head on a brick wall, it is frustrating, challenging, it will make you look like a idiot again and again…. and when you are ready to give up focusing it… it will deliver pictures like nothing you have ever seen before. A friend of mine bought the lens, gave up, returned the lens, then two weeks bought the lens again… Saying “nothing else render like this lens and I can’t live without it”. Now you know, so don’t come blame me when you buy this lens and find yourself hopelessly addicted to ultra thin focus photography, it is not my fault that you can’t focus 1/16 of a inch at 5 feet, its also not the lens’s fault, don’t buy this lens unless you are ready to find your skills challenged.

    Lets talk about the lens for a moment, all metal housing, rock solid, and while we are at it, heavy as a brick, but what do you expect from a lens with a aperture of 1.1 ? This is a huge amount of finely polished big chunks of glass, this lens transmit almost as much light as if you simply took the lens off your camera.

    The lens focuses easier than its famous competition the Leica Noctilux, because the focus moves from near to far in a smooth and short 90deg turn, the noctilux requires a much longer and heavier focus turn. Like the Noctilux, this is a BIG lens, but it rests comfortably in your left hand when shooting, still you will know what lens you have on the camera when hooking the strap over your shoulder, all this glass is heavy.

    The aperture ring is easy with firm click stops.

    The lens come with a lens-hood, personally I don’t like the stock hood and use mine without, I would never recommend this, but the hood cover a good deal of the viewfinder so I prefer the lens without.

    Im not going to tell you this lens is sharper than the famous Noctilux 0.95, but it cost about $9000 less, you need to answer the value question based on your wallet. I bought one of the first and personally I really like the way the Nokton renders wide open, the bokeh may be described as a little grainy, almost water-colorish, this is perfect for my taste and I have been very happy with this lens for street photography and portraiture.

    Voigtlander have made a business of creating incredible value lenses for rangefinders, delivering superb lenses at a great price. The new 50mm 1.1 is maybe the single best value Voigtlander have ever offered.

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