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If you bought a Canon 5D Mark II you bought the wrong Mark II

February 21, 2011 13 comments

That’s right because for a fraction of the price you could have bought a Fuji GW690II . I know what your thinking, well if I didn’t have a 5D Mark II I couldn’t call myself a pro. That’s right but you could tell all the poseurs that there is more to life than digital full frame, over twice as much more to life. The Fuji GW690II’s image is 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 which is 57.15 x 82.55mm and a 5D Mark II is 24 x 36mm. Put the pieces of your mind back together and crunch some more numbers for me.  A 5D Mark II cost $2,499 at Adorama right now and the three versions of the GW690 run from about $400-900 at KEH, which leaves you about $2,000 for a scanner and film.

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