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Impossible Project: PX-70 Color Shade

October 19, 2010 5 comments

Recently Impossible Project has delivered us yet another Polaroid compatible film.  This time it’s compatible with SX-70 cameras and it’s a color emulsion called PX-70 color shade.  If your hesitant to cough up the loot on the new three pack maybe this review will help.

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Seeing 20/20 with the Fuji Instax 210

July 30, 2010 5 comments

1 pack of Instax, 1 photo a day, 20 days, 20/20. This is a personal project that exercises, patience, discipline, and fun but will also act as a field review for the Fuji Instax 210. And yes this does have a prime lens on it, a 24mm equivalency. I’ve had mine for almost a year now, and although I prefer my land camera and type 100 film, I’ve used it quite a bit. You may have slept on the Fuji 210 because you though it was just another toy camera necklace for hipsters and urban outfitters. But you should hit your Polaroid alarm clock and come out and play, because these cameras and film are readily available and affordable ($70 & $18) at you local zoom slanging camera shop, unlike other rare cameras and films which can be expensive and require modification. If you’re still on the fence between one of these and saving towards a over priced zoom lens keep checking and see how precious, ephemeral, and cool Polaroids are. I’ll do my best to post the photo of the day.


The warm orange colors and symmetry of this ally was what caught my attention for my first shot but I forgot to account for the viewfinders significant parallax. So when your shooting the Fuji 210 aim to the right because this bad boy hangs to the left.

It was a overcast day and the film got a really even exposure, like it should, but this is an instance where I would have enjoyed some Fuji black and white Instax film.

I used the lighten function on the camera this time and I was hoping to get more detail out of the shoes hanging from the telephone wire but it didn’t work as well as I would have hoped. The vertical frame is also unattractive in my opinion, because I think you should leave the boarder on polaroids, but I thought I would give you at least one.

I passed on taking this photo earlier because it required flash and (like zooms) I try not to use them, especially because this camera tends to blow things out, but I came back after the rest of the abandon brewery turned out to be just as dark and dingy. We were leaving and I felt this was the most interesting place I was going to come across today. Biggy, being the photography guru that he is, suggested I turn the camera to the darken setting when I fire the flash. I took his suggestion and you all should too, unless less your trying to get a little extra distance out of your flash. It didn’t blow anything out, the blacks are rich, and it created a nice vignette. Thanks Biggy.

I’m starting to feel like I drank the kool-aid and joined the strobist cult because that’s two days in a row I’ve been happy with a flash photo.

Honesty is a bitch but rules are rules and project rules are not meant to be broken so I have to show you this one, which I’m really not happy with. I worked bell to bell that day and I took this photo on my ride home from work thinking I might get some kool light trials or something, so give me a brake this time playboys and playgirls.

I lost detail using the lighten feature to properly expose the store front but I’m liking this one. I think those are the instructions for using a zoom lens pump & munch, pump & munch, pump & munch.

Something about toy cameras attract childish subject matter, which I haven’t included in this project so far but I couldn’t resist this ice cream truck at a motorcycle rally. I scream, you scream, and even bad ass motor bikers scream for ice cream.

There is alot of problems with this photo. The largest one is that I waited till the last minute and I just took this photo while walking my dog before bed.

When I took this picture I just felt really sad and empty because I realized that since I don’t own a 70-200L and a 5D Mark II I can’t call my self a pro and I’m just a worthless pile. Just joshin ya squid, this happened because my Fuji Instax 210 jammed which has happened to me and a couple other friends before. What a bummer.

When mine and others Instax 210s have jammed in the past it only required the removal of the top piece that covers the felt where the film comes out. However, this time the problem was serious and nothing I could do would free the front facing roller and unfortunately I think it’s toast. I will be using a Fuji Instax 200 from now on. The only difference between the 200 and the 210 is the color and the macro adapter that comes with the 210.

Ladies love polaroids and polaroids love ladies. I especially like the colors here and the gradation from well lit in the bottom of the frame to black on the top.

It’s hard not to stop action with this camera when it’s almost always shooting at a 1/200 of a second, which in this case worked to freeze some of the water drops in mid air. Once again toy cameras and childish behavior are like peanut butter and jelly.

I don’t know whats the fuck happened here. This should have been a slam dunk. The sun was on my back and I used the darken feature to underexpose so the taxi and colorful building would get saturated. Instead, it got blown out like your bank account after getting sold on a shitty zoom.

If you’re trying to get the perfect shot of a luxury automobile just go to the manufactures website or buy a Scott Kelby instructional book on taking boring generic photos of cars. But, if you want a unique photo of some hot wheels mix the cheap with the lavish and shoot a expensive car with a cheap camera.

This was one of those shitty situations I regularly find myself in while I shoot this camera. It’s close to dusk and there appears to be enough light to shoot without the flash but it fires anyways when you’re not planning on it. When in doubt you should account for the flash by darkening for a subject within seven or so feet and lightening for most subject beyond that distance.

I’m going to have to quit my job so I can escape dusk and start shooting during the day. I wish I could have pulled a little more detail out of the sky because it was a nice cotton candy color.

This camera is great for casual photography of inanimate objects like this TV. I like this shot but I shouldn’t have used the darken setting because I could have used the boot the flash does have.

I was really surprised by this shot because my experience with the camera’s flash and glass has been disappointing, in that same way your parents tell you when they catch you using a zoom lens. The color and the classic polaroid vignette are the most attractive things to me in this photo.

I got the goods, go ahead and count it, because that’s twenty partner. Im happy I could end on this photo because it’s one of my favorite things I keep coming back to photograph around town. Altho it’s a little over exposed I love this photo because of the juxtaposition between a all American Chevy SUV and Arabic text. Even though my Fuji Instax 210 took a dirt nap in the middle of this project I would still recommend this camera to prime users, zumiez, and pretty much anyone that has a moment worth remembering. The loss of my Instax may be a blessing because I have a growing obsession with the Piano Black Fuji Instax Mini 50S and I think I’m going to have to purchase one when they come out on September 4th. Thanks for tuning in.


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